Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Introducing IBDOM

We briefly mentioned what would become IBDOM when we wrote about working with DWR.

Tonight we're pleased to release IBDOM version 0.1 under an MIT License.

The source code is on SourceForge's svn repository.

While we've yet to release the API and Usage docs, linkage to our test page from the IBDOM Site, and a cursory look at ibdom.js should reveal plenty of useful information. Update: 05/16/2006: Initial stab at Using IBDOM is up.

What is it, you might ask?

It's a 20KB (uncompressed), narrowly-scoped JavaScript library aimed at "Wielding the Document Object Model with Ease and Standards-Compliance", and most notably ease the process of injecting JavaScript Data Objects, and Arrays of JS Objects into HTML or XML documents.

IBDOM should not only be useful when working with the Direct Web Remoting framework, but also any application where you find yourself trying to plug asynchronously-loaded data into an HTML document.

IBDOM coverage on Ajaxian.

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