Wednesday, July 18, 2007

TrekEarth Photo Widget

Today we're releasing a photo widget to the TrekEarth community. This widget gives TE members the ability to create and publish viewers based on their personal photo collections. The quality of the imagery on TrekEarth is amazing. Check out this sample viewer based on photos by site founder, Adam Silverman.


Polonaise said...

Seems to me like a great idea, Adam.

Is that the final display' dimension of the photos...?
Looks awfully tiny (by comparison with TE' 800x800).


George (Polonaise)

donluicu said...

If you click it opens tje te page


Polonaise said...

What's 'tje' page ?
Do you mean "TE" page ?

I was there, on TE pages just few seconds ago...!
At ease and quite comfy…
Why do I need this photo widget to take me back in there ???
I thought, the whole idea was to view the photos from TE in form of a slide show… In their full (or bigger) dimensions …Am I right?

Or, the widget is just the commercial 'Catch 22' to guide the potential patrons into the magnificent pages of TE, to view he contents of it in its glory ???
So… It's not as much for us, the members of TE but rather for the rest of the world…

A bit confused…

BrianTR said...

I belive your second thought is correct in a sense, George.
I think it's a way to link TE to your blog or website..


leiju said...

It works fine in Firefox, but I can't seem to be able to get it to work in Safari (running on Mac here)... even though I am using the latest version.

Looks nice... and a nice idea to draw in those that don't know TE yet.

Julia (leiju)

joj said...

Looks great. Doesn't seem to work on Opera, though.