Monday, April 23, 2007

Coda: Awesome Looking New Dev Tool

Wow! Panic, the Mac development shop will the coolest shopping cart system ever just announced what looks like a tremendously useful web development tool called Coda.

Lots of great features, but I especially like the built-in terminal, and how it nicely bundles all of your files, access credentials and other assets into a collection for each site. Just as a purely organization aid, I love that concept. Anyhow, my download is almost done, I have to go play with it!



sub said...

Coda is alrite.... Terminal will not let you specify a given pubkey for a host, nor does it work with key auth. The dev guys said it should be fixed soon.

I'd like to see more language support.


Chris Holland said...

yeah they also say the 1.01 release now allows you to specify an application localhost path, to make it easier to work with actual apps running locally, vs just "static sites". curious to see that.

zhidas said...

sigh .. another osx only app, another sign we should get rid of all the dells and get macs!

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